Bodies Do The Talking

Start Time: 9:00 pm

Date: 16/03/2024

A native of Kerry, Efa O’Neill is at the helm of ‘Out of Space,’ a focal point of many of my best nights of dancing not just in Cork but throughout the country. Nowadays, Out of Space takes the form of a DDR show featuring fresh and emerging talent across the nation—a true reflection of O’Neill’s love for the craft. From seeing her play rare and classic house cuts at ‘Sunday Times!’—another Cork institution—to her high NRG back-to-back set with Dublin’s Jio, which introduced me to bass music and its dubbier components, O’Neill’s versatility and adeptness in reading the crowd promise a very special night.

DJing for the last 20 years, Jon Barry cut his teeth at Cork’s legendary Sir Henry’s with a residency focusing primarily on Hip-Hop before immersing himself deeply in underground House and Techno. To become deeply knowledgeable of all of these genres is a testament to Barry’s versatility and passion for unearthing incredible hidden gems. He’s one of Cork’s favourite DJs in the underground scene and not without good reason – come to BDDT’s debut to see for yourself.

On the 16th of March, Bodies Do The Talking will be launching its debut night with this incredible pair in The Pavilion. It’ll be a night celebrated by the city’s most seasoned clubbers and a wonderful introduction of these talents to the younger generation. We’re very excited to see you there.