The Pavilion

This Is The Pav

Intermission downstairs is open from 2pm daily and the Pav is open from 5pm Tursday to Sunday.
Intermission is open late 7 days a week. The Pav is open until late Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

also home to Intermission bar


Upcoming Events

Thu 23 May
Droppin' Science
Fri 24 May
Droppin' Science
Sat 25 May
Droppin' Science
Sun 26 May
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Intermission downstairs is open from 2pm daily and the Pav is open from 5pm daily. Open until late Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

After a long period of careful renovation and restoration, in 2022, The Pavilion is open again in a spectacular fashion. The Pav has returned to its architectural roots, now with a twist. Cocktails, DJs, Movies and more are all central to our experience. 

The entrance to the new Pavilion sits on Carey’s Lane, which used to serve as the main point of entry for those with tickets for the front parterre seating back in the day. As you walk in the door you will find Intermission where you can grab a refreshing drink before you ascend the main stairs to The Pavilion.

About The Pav

Intermission on the lower floor harks back to the grand era of lounge bars, while upstairs The Pavilion has been restored to its full glory, a functions as multifunctional venue accompanied by a cocktail bar.

The stunning interior will bring you back to a golden era in Cork City’s heritage, its glorious vaulted ceiling has been decorated in a true reflection of the buildings original cinematic form and the projection screen remains at the core of the venue. A refined craft cocktail bar sits at the back of the venue near the projector.