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Pra Dei Dogi Pinot Grigio (Italy)

€7.50 Glass / €29 Bottle

Made only from sustainably-farmed grapes. This is a Pinot Grigio has more depth, richness and flavours of green apple and pear.

Les Folies Coudraies Sauvignon Blanc, Loire, (France)

€7.50 Glass / €29 Bottle

A fresh, crisp, light and refreshing Sauvignon with aromas of hawthorn and a tongue-tingling kiwi and lime flavour.

Te Toka Sauvignon Blanc (New Zealand)

€8 Glass / €32 Bottle

A fruity crisp wine with complex aromas notes of gooseberry. fresh citrus, papaya and melon. Flavours of pineapple and nectarine

Santoline Cabernet Sauvignon, Languedoc (France)

€7.50 Glass / €29 Bottle

Aromas of ripe blackcurrants develop into flavours of rich and juicy bramble fruits.

Pra Dei Dogi Merlot (Italy)

€7.50 Glass / €29 Bottle

Made only from sustainably-farmed grapes this stylish Merlot is smooth and velvety on the palate with flavours of raspberry and blueberry

Talinga Park Shiraz (Australia)

€8 Glass / €32 Bottle

Full bodied bursting with ripe berry, spices and black pepper, subtle tannins and a long smooth finish

Bedin Prosecco Spumante (Italy)

€50 Bottle

Spumante is a fully-sparkling wine, with bubbles reminiscent of a Champagne. This one comes from the heartland of the Prosecco region and is a full-bodied and aromatic example with a fine mousse and a persistent floral character.

Bortolotti Prosecco Spumante (Italy) Snipe


Prosecco Spumante is a fully-sparkling wine. It is fresh, fruity and aromatic with a floral fragrance and an aromatic aftertaste.

Patriarche Rosé (France)

€8 Glass / €31 Bottle

A light and fruity rosé made from the Syrah grape, giving fresh cherry flavours and a touch of spice.